June 4, 2007

Time for Full-time Social Networking Butterflies?

First of all, SMX has been fantastic. Danny Sullivan and the incredible team at 3rd Door deserve some huge congratulations. This is obviously going to be a great series of conferences, due in part to the elevated discourse taking place but mostly because of the care and attention that went into the great food they served at lunch.

Of the first day’s events and sessions, the Social Media Marketing panel had to be the most enjoyable (and not just because I got to chime in with Rand, Todd, Neil & Cindy). I’ve finally accepted that it’s no longer optional to hire folks that can spend their time just building social profiles and participating on these sites. Whether for Reputation Management, building a brand, building copious amounts of traffic or even to help launch your own linkbaiting efforts, powerful user accounts are requisite.

Just a small sampling of the sites worthy of time & effort:

Digg, Reddit, Newsvine, Netscape, del.icio.us, Fark
Amazon (creating your own blog/profile therein for reviews & such)
Others used in Controlling the Top 10 SERPs by GrayWolf.
Huge list of 130 social media sites compiled by Bill Hartzer (at WMW; subscription required)

In addition to just creating all of these profiles, one can’t forget about the time & effort needed to befriend users and ‘participate”. Digg, Reddit, Newsvine, StumbleUpon, etc. are all absolutely worthwhile profiles to have, but these “power user” accounts are invaluable. Does this mean outsourcing to teams of Indians to just sit around and hit “stumble” all day long? Is it enough to get a Fidgt account and trying to manage these from a central location? Perhaps. The answer could be part-time interns or college kids looking to make a few bucks. Granted, without knowing how to leverage these sites, the accounts are useless.

But for those who understand and appreciate the importance of reputation management and copious amounts of traffic, like I said at the outset this work is no longer optional.

What do you think? Who does your social media profile-building?

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