November 20, 2006

The 10 Best Lessons From Webmasterworld Pubcon 2006

10. Danny Sullivan is still the man. There is no substitute for knowledge, and the value he brought to SES will be sorely missed. Check out his newest endeavor SearchEngineLand if you want to remain hip to the game.

9. Go there to network and make friends. Provide real value to others and let your skills speak for themselves–this incredibly talented community will take care of the rest. If one goes to flaunt an ego, his stories will be buried (thumbs down). There is no greater concentration of truly savvy web marketing minds anywhere else in the country.

8. The Text-Link-Ads guys know how to party. They can even ride mechanical bulls if you put one in front of them.

7. Neil Patel makes a great towel boy for anyone running a mud wrestling show. (I’ve got nothin’ but love for you, Neil)

6. Link Development has gotten significantly more complicated. Editorial (contextual) links are more valid than ever, while most other vehicles for link building (recips, 3rd-4th degree link triangulation, article syndication, etc.) have died gracelessly. Long live presell pages! (Ahem, did you read my link building predictions 4 months ago??)

5. Blog advertising platforms are clamoring over themselves to aggregate as many blogs into their networks as possible. (ReviewMe (Aaron & Andy), Blogsvertise (Emilio & company), Pay Per Post, et al). The growth of blogging power continues.

4. Rand might seem shy, but when it counts he’s ready to throw down (& strip down) at a party. Don’t search flickr for “webmasterworld las vegas”

3. Viral/Social Media Marketing (and the creativity upon which it is built) is the fastest way to build a brand (or the best way to reinforce the one you’ve built).

2. Sexy Widgets kick ass. Their proliferation will fuel the future of social & viral web promotion without question. Lawrence Coburn gave a super-interesting presentation on the importance of widgets and the opportunities that lie therein. There will be many more posts on Widgets in the coming months, no doubt.

1. Bruce Clay can get your site banned from google. The LinkMaps tool is a total endorsement of everyone that links to you. Even though you’re using a “noindex, follow” tag (and telling Google NOT to index), you’re implicitly linking to–& endorsing–every low-quality site that scraped a link to yours. Do NOT use this tool. Ye hath been warned.

Pictures would probably get me in trouble. But the lessons were incredible. Thanks to Brett & all of the others who helped make this the greatest PubCon yet!

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