January 4, 2007

How to Put DOWN Your Computer & Get to Work!

No matter what industry you might be in, there’s nothing like feeling productive and worthwhile. Over the last several days, I’ve felt more productive than I have in the past several months. I’ve not only felt more productive, but have actually been more productive.

  • Concrete task lists.
  • Detailed schedule & timelines.
  • Meals eaten at decent hours & at regular intervals.
Close The Laptop

Janet And Her Pencil

All the productivity was because I put DOWN my laptop for a minute and was able to get work done with Paper & Pen. I must admit, I’ve really gotten away from using pens & paper. In fact, I denounce the abhorrent paper. Why use it at all?? It just gets in the way of online calendars, online banking & billing transactions, stickynote software, news from the blogosphere and everything else that can be done better & more efficiently online.

I tell myself that social media is “for work”. This has to be the #2 lie I’ve ever told myself. (there’s NO way I’m going to publish #1). While there is some merit to the notion (as all good lies must entail), there’s also a wonderfully deceitful deal of bullshit.

1. Digg. Aaaaaaahhhhhh! Do I really need to be reading this story about… ok let’s pick one on there right now. (I promise I did NOT make this up).

“This video shows how parasitic flat worms take over snail’s minds,…” (digg) (story). Case closed for digg.

2. GooTube. This is the worst. And the best. I learn css hacks and see “dick in a box” at the same time. Marvellous.

3. -Blogs that take me waaaaaaay off topic. (how did i get here??)
-More blogs even off-topic from the off-topic blogs that got me there.
-Some Flashy New “Great CSS Designs” compilations

4. Random ex-colleagues IM’ing me with an excessively old joke.
5. MySpace has been blocked.

PenAndPaper2This is just my shorthand list. There’s countless more, but spending the time to compile the list was really preventing the publication of the post. Can you imagine spending time looking for websites that help you waste time?? Do you know how long that would take?? It would completely defeat the purpose and simulateously establish myself as a beacon of ridicule within the secret time-wasting community of which I currently serve as Provost Chancellor.


  1. Close it.
  2. If you use a desktop, shut it down.
  3. Walk Away.

I’m telling you: Give it a shot. Put the computer down, use the pen & paper (or a whiteboard) for just a bit. You’ll be glad you did.

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