February 21, 2008

Building Social Networking Sitemaps

I recently got a copy of a sitemap for a niche social networking / social media site we’re (re)building. We considered all the different modules, functions, pages, features, tasks, profiles, etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. After long hours of discovery, documentation and specs, we finally had a sitemap built out (and about 15 more detailed sitemaps as well). This is going to be no small effort by any stretch, but we really wanted to think it through to make something that broke the mold.

I had just one thought when I first saw this: Are you fucking kidding me??

Social Network Sitemap

Once a site has really grown and developed a member base that demand more features, more functions and more freedom, the answer is to give the community what it wants. But I’ve never wanted to go through sitemaps like this one, and I don’t care who I’m doing it for. This is the labor of love, that will hopefully yield something really powerful that will connect tons of like-minded.

We included on-site modules, components for all the multimedia (audio, video, etc.), widgets, group modules, profile modules and everything else we could come up with. Even though we’re being paid (handsomely) for this work, I just can’t wait to see it all come together.

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