December 17, 2006

Blog Tag! 5 Things You Don’t Know About Abhilash

I feel such “a part of” for being blog-tagged by Ben Wills AND my buddy Josh. I was actually moaning & bitching on Stuntdubl’s blog when I saw that he was tagged in the same post. In the short few days since I was tagged, I’ve seen this game spread viral & like wildfire through a very tightly-knit SEO blogging community. Here’s my attempt to get this post in before it’s too late (which is in less than a week, according to GrayWolf).

  1. I was actually born on the border of China & Nepal. Just kidding. I was born in Chicago, Illinois but raised in Bakersfield, CA (which I can’t BELIEVE I actually just published voluntarily). It’s a country town in the armpit of California.
  2. My first job was selling Kirby Vacuums door-to-door. To be honest, these were damn good vacuums (they’d wash your car, blow your leaves, suck G*d knows what out of your mattress, etc.). But, they were also $2,000/pop (before the haggling tricks). I sold one to my Dad, one to a classmate’s mom & 1-2 others. This is how the presentation went. Everyone should sell vacuums door to door. This is where I learned how to close a sale–check out what Karon Thackston wrote about it.
  3. I dropped out of Columbia U. to help start my first internet company out of a New Jersey basement. 10 months, 50 employees & $25M later the company flopped when the market crashed & funding pulled out prematurely (sucks when that happens). I took a laptop, the stereo, grew out my hair, went island hopping in Greece & accordingly back to school.
  4. I’m not a Hindu, nor a Buddhist. Buddhists believe the universe is empty (even of emptiness). Vedantis believe the universe is full-absolute consciousness as a substratum of reality. These 2 schools of thought meet in a Non-dualistic mobius strip of awareness–in that place exist (or not-existent are) my religious convictions. (I was lucky enough to study in Indo-Tibetan thought with Robert Thurman & Gary Tubb).
  5. A few years ago, I suffered an acute multiple organ failure (Liver, kidneys, esophageal tears, the works). This happened just after I turned 22. Since that time I’ve fully recovered, but for whatever reason I’m able to enjoy every minute of every day infinitely more than I would have, were it not for the physical collapse. If only we could all be so intimately aware of our own mortality…

Ok, the meme continues! Now you guys are “it”: Tony (notsleepy), Lawrence Coburn, Chris Hooley, Randy, Matt

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