October 8, 2014


Abhilash PatelAbhilash Patel. That about says it all.

But for those who want a bit to read:
My work in Search actually began in 1999, although I’ve been dedicated to SEO Consulting and working in Search exclusively since 2003. I love this industry, my work, and have nothing but gratitude for the opportunities I’ve been given.

One of my core convictions is that “the cream rises to the top”. Applied to Search: build the best possible website(s), fill it with extremely high-quality (link-worthy) content, work tirelessly and ultimately the site will win. Rather than chasing competitors’ strategies, rather than just jumping on the latest link-building bandwagon, websites should absolutely concentrate on making themselves the best, most informative, useful, usable & relevant websites in their industry.

Search marketing is adapting and evolving into a truly esoteric industry. The rare few that harness a combination of technological expertise with creative energy and tactical execution will succeed beyond wildest dreams, while those who fail to adapt will fall. Applied to the current market, the rise of social media and community networks has driven information levels through the roof. Old techniques are being outperformed and search engines (well at least Google) demand that only truly creative ideas and useful content succeed. This is what I will help provide for my clients.

Take a look at my LinkedIn Profile (right) if you want to see me in context.

February, 2007 will see the launch of a new, creativity-driven search engine optimization & marketing firm. RankLab Search Marketing will provide innovative, organic SEO that draws upon the latest techniques for compelling user-focused content development, social as well as hand-picked link building, Corporate SEO training and much more.

In addition to my work for my existing clients, I am absolutely open to inquiries from additional potential clients. However, my work is extremely customized, very sophisticated and typically not cost-effective unless you are very serious about your search campaigns. If you run a business geared for exclusive, high-end clientele, then there might be a good fit. Feel free to contact me anytime!

Without a doubt, success in Search begins with high-quality content. I’ve experienced this firsthand by working directly with hundreds of clients while I was spearheading the sales force over at InfoSearch Media. During my time at ISM, I was responsible for building and training a sales team that generated over thousands of clients and millions in revenue before I chose to leave in December of 2005.

This involved educating my clients on their needs as well as understanding their business models and strategic planning. Meaningful SEO also requires conscientious awareness of a company’s strategic plan for growth and industry positioning. I forced myself to leave the company voluntarily because I felt as though I was no longer able to provide clients with exactly what they needed. Corporate bureaucracy sucks.

Since leaving ISM, I’ve worked both in-house as a full-time consultant for clients in extremely competitive industries. As of most recently, I’ve begun working with some of the most incredible developers, designers, programmers, social marketers, and all-around good people that I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. Together we’re capable of so much that it doesn’t make any sense not to offer it to the public. My recent work has been focused on putting everything together in order to make a meaningful offering to the industry.

Birthplace: Chicago, Il
Location: Santa Monica, CA :)
Education: Columbia University in the City of New York.
Degrees: Economics / Philosophy
Distinctions: Dean’s List; President, Columbia Organization of Rising Entrepreneurs; Founder, Columbia Annual Business Plan Challenge
Companies I’ve launched: StudentOnline.com (1999-2000), Jet Medical Distribution (2002-current), Taj Media (domaining, lead gen) and in 2007, RankLab Search Marketing and Organic Search engine optimization.

I’m blessed to live where I do in Santa Monica, living just a few feet from the beach in a place where tourists come to see all year round. I just got a convertible that can now fit my lovely girlfriend Kelly & my dog Reiki at the same time. Recreationally, I like to do all sorts of things, including playing pool, watching good movies, reading good cynical modern fiction, and most recently learning how to surf (badly).

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